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Absolutley fantastic

I purchased this app quiet a while ago and now i’m getting the latest Live Wallpapers for absolutely free, wheres in each app i have something like this would come in the form of an in-app purchase. This shows what delivering long term value is like. I applaud you sirs. And of course the app works without any issues.


Incredible app support and incredible app. Even after a long time we are getting stuff for free where most would add them as an in app purchase. The wallpapers are great and it works flawlessly

One sweet app now

I am enjoying my log in screens very much. The last update really improved the iPhone 8/Xscreens. Thanks for the improvements.

RON Doty



Love it.


Me gusta

Very nice

But of course need to pay for more cool wallpapers Btw how does this work it just let you download the pic but it doesn't move

I dont get it

I bought the pro version and there isnt any difference they are both boring and a big waste of money! I was really looking forward to somthing new and I just got crisp!!!


I Love it


Is totally the best.

Not bad

Not bad how honestly. Worth the 1.99 but not 2.99


Pretty good backgrounds

Thumbs up

Live wallpaoaper!


It works just as expected and the wallpapers look great!


Great wallpaper



Awesome Selection

Honestly bought this out of boredom, however it ended up being completely worth it, even upgraded to the full version, worth the money.


Love the wallpapers, edit mode and the whole app infeneral all works well! 🙌🏻

Beauty You See

Gorgeous, eye catching. Blacks are very black. Reflection of bright white color are almost blinding.

Love it

Thanks :)


Ive been using the app pretty much since it came out, initially it had a few issues they were soon fixed now I've seen only improvements and content being added, i will keep the app as i do change wallpapers quiet a bit and keep getting to some of my favorites in here. Keep it up ----previous It delivers whats advertised. I really like the wallpapers,they work like any iOS live wallpaper. Liking the ability to edit the color quiet alot please add more options.


This is a very nice App, it could do a little more..

Animated wallpaper

Well worth the download. I hope they keep adding content regularly with new versions, as its one of my fav wallpaper apps.


I installed this live wallpapers app a couple of weeks ago and it looks really cool + modern. Love the stylish look, plan to keep on using this app.

Love it

Love the wallpaper but it would be cool if you added more opinions to it

Love it!

I like how these app developers integrated these iPhone 7 (plus) wallpapers to any phone with 3D Touch! Thanks for the app!! I recommended it to everyone!

Love the app

Ive kept the app since ive got it and ive been following the improvements are great! The animations quality and overall its great so the app is fantastic , from what I've seen most complaints come from people who don't know what they're doing and it seems suspicious as I'm using the app here it is working great.Loving the red (silver) one waiting for the new ones

It's cool

I wish it had more editing features like lighten and darken

Nice app

It is very nice app

I love this app

I had to try this app when I saw it on the App Store. After I downloaded it I had access to all of these great wallpapers. If u love cool wallpapers and have a iPhone 6S or higher this app is the best app for you.


Thank you for such beautiful wallpapers. I love the new releases! They are perfect for the new jet black iPhone. I was very disappointed when these wallpapers were not included with the IOS 10 update. Thank you!

Love Black

Love the motion and movement black provides to an otherwise motionless screen.

Fluid wallpaper

Just love the fluid blobs. They look striking on my iphone. Please also add different objects like diamonds

Love this app!

Offers extra live wallpapers besides the ones on your phone. Snazzy!

Not worth the price

This is my first review on the App Store and I am only writing this to warn people about this app. The app works fine, that is not the issue, the issue is that the price doesn't justify the app. It is a very basic live wallpaper that you should be able to get for free in other free live wallpaper apps. Please do not waste your money on this, I deleted it after 5 minutes of using it because there was no content to justify the price. Stay away from this. Get the other free live wallpaper apps, they offer more variety of wallpapers and are free.


Dope gives the iPhone a lil more flavor without doin too much


Love the Black

Screen saver

Very cool app


Pretty neat/cool app!


I love this app!! Truly amazing. VIBRANT!!


Much anticipated and worth it. And it sounds like the App will be updated to match the three + red edition white bezel iPhones, with white backgrounds. Great!!!


Great app love the custom variations.

Free stuff 🔥

Only doing it to get free stuff

Nice app

Really nice appp


Love the amount of colors you can use and how many different shapes you get worth the $1.99.


Waste of money 💰


This app was trash it looks horrible


Product red please

These are simple and elegant.

Love this

Nice App

Nice Clean App.

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